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Heritage Farms Cheshire Pork breeding gives this our butts perfect marbling and great flavor.  Slow roasted, grilled, or smoked, they are perfect for making pulled pork.  No solutions added. Healthy, all-natural, delicious pork.

Two of our All-Natural Pork Butts, 8-9 pounds each 

18 pounds

Customer Reviews (2)

Bone-In Boston Pork Butt

Taking cooking / smoking / BBQ lessons at GrillBillies in Raleigh so still somewhat new but every produce I have ordered from Heritage Farms exceeds my expectations and this was no exception. The ordering process, tracking, communication, quality shipping, and of course the product itself - truly exceptional! Alan N. Carlson

Amazing flavor and moisture!

I have used pretty much all brands of pork for competitions. i was pointed in the direction of Heritage Farms when my pork scores were slipping. I ordered two packs of butts and could not have been happier. There is not need to inject these as the natural pork flavor is so pronounced you would be doing yourself a disservice in doing so. I can't speak highly enough about this product. Will be ordering more here soon! Kevin J.
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