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Hardwood Market Thick Sliced Style Bacon

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Cheshire Smokehouse knows how you feel about bacon. We take our bacon very seriously.  Starting with our meaty Cheshire Pork bellies, we transform them with just the right amount of cure and smoke, ready to be the star of your breakfast plate, sandwich, or any sweet or savory dish.
 1 pound retail packs of  Hardwood Bacon


Customer Reviews (4)

There is no better bacon!!!

I absolutely love Heritage Farms bacon! I've not cooked anything different in our home for over a year. It's thick bacon that cooks up to be fully cooked and crispy without being crumbly! J

Best bacon EVER!

Perfectly smoked and smells wonderful when cooking . . . but the best treat is eating it all up!

Best Bacon Ever!

We received our first order and have enjoyed every morsel! Cindy

So good, it should be a sin!

Bacon is bacon you say....Well, forget everything you know about bacon, and run, I mean sprint to your griddle with this stuff. Seriously, you say, "Oh, that's too much money for bacon"....NO WAY. The price is a deal for what you get. I think this stuff is made by wizards, because it is magical. The salt to pork ratio is perfect. The silkiness of it just melts in your mouth making it very easy to eat an entire package in one sitting. I have tried a lot of bacon in my days, and honestly, nothing compares to the Heritage Farms bacon. UofQue
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